Finding armpit stains on your shirt has to be one of the most annoying and embarrassing things to happen. 

It’s so difficult to get rid of them and after trying all the tips you find on Google, you realise that you have done more damage than good. 

Materials such as cotton, linen, and synthetics are very vulnerable to stains and damage, so extra care is needed.

Where do the stains come from?

Deodorants are known for containing several chemicals including alcohol and fragrances. These kinds of active ingredients can be quite acidic, and when they mix with your sweat they start to weaken your clothes and form stains.

Ways to prevent the stains:

Use natural deodorant – Natural deodorant has a neutral pH so it should not cause discoloring. 

Wear a vest or undershirt –  Although this option isn’t necessarily popular, wearing an undershirt can effectively protect your shirt. It will also keep your shirt fresher throughout the day.

Wash after wearing – In order to lessen the chance of chemical damage, wash your garment after you wear it. This will make sure the antiperspirant is removed.

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