For all of those active gym-goers out there, do you know how to take proper care of your kit?

No matter what the exercise and no matter how dirty, your gym kit always needs to be washed after you have worn it. In fact, before you even think about washing your used kit, you need to dry your clothes out and let them breathe. 

If gym clothes are screwed up at the bottom of your bag, then they become smelly and damp. Be sure to leave your kit of air out for a while before it goes into the washing machine. 

When you do get to the stage where you have given your kit some time to air out, put them on a cold wash. It’s not only you that built up a sweat in the gym, so be kind to your clothes. 

Stretchy fabrics such as lycra and polyester can stop performing well if placed on a hot wash, which also runs the risk of shrinking your kit. 

Avoid fabric softener! Even though it smells great, it can actually clog the elastic fibers and interfere with the sweat-resistant function. There are plenty of other options you can pick to make your clothes smell good!

Leaving your gym kit to dry naturally is the best thing you can do. Too much heat on these kinds of fabrics can lead to a shorter lifespan for your clothes.

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