Efficiency Is Key

For any business to run smoothly, efficiency is key. The best way to be efficient is to make sure you use everything around you to your advantage. By using our corporate dry cleaning service to collect and clean all your dirty laundry, you are giving yourself one less job to do. 

No longer do you have to spend time washing, drying and folding all those towels, as Opium Dry Cleaners will do it all for you. The best thing about this service is you don’t even have to leave work, we can come and collect the laundry and then return it fresher than ever. 

With a turn-around time of 6 hours, makes us one of the most efficient services in London. We can clean anything from uniform, tablecloths, linens, and napkins and have them back to you before the next day of work. 

Opium Corporate Clean

How does our corporate laundry service work?

Visit our shop & order page and choose any delivery time. One of our friendly and professional staff will then come and collect your laundry from your location. With a quick turn around your fresh, clean washing will be delivered back to you the very same day. 

If you want to find out more about how Opium Dry Cleaners can benefit you and your business then get in touch with us today on 02038 929 560. Or you can email us on info@opiumdrycleaners.com