Corporate Laundry In London

Reliable dry cleaning for London’s professional corporations.

At Opium Dry Cleaners we are proud to offer corporate laundry services to the busy corporations of London. We offer this excellent service to companies of all sizes to ensure that your business is running smoothly.

How does our corporate laundry service work?

Visit our shop & order page and choose any time for delivery. One of our friendly staff members will then come and collect your laundry straight from your office, resident building, hotel or place of work with a quick turnaround. We will then wash and dry your dirty laundry. The Opium team will return your clean laundry to your chosen location and your corporation can enjoy your fresh laundry!

Our expert team will pick up uniforms, tablecloths, linens, napkins – whatever your company needs to run a successful business without having to worry about your dry cleaning. Our corporate laundry is of premium quality, with a collection and delivery service that is affordable to all London businesses.

When you choose Opium Dry Cleaners for your corporate laundry in London, you do not have to worry about affecting the environment. We care about the environment, and therefore we use modern solvents for your laundry items. These are less aggressive and toxic toward the environment as well as your dry cleaning. We believe in running a sustainable company and we do this by recycling as much as can an d by reducing any waste that may harm our environment.

What makes us even more unique among our competitors, is that we own and operate our own factories. Our state of the art factories will ensure that your laundry gets pressed and cleaned using the latest equipment and technology. We dry clean over 70 different products within the corporate sector, therefore we are the experts for your corporate dry cleaning services!

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