Dry Cleaner Service

Are you looking for a reliable dry cleaner service?

Would you like a quick and efficient service?

Opium Dry Cleaners can help you!


Opium Dry Cleaners take pride in collecting and delivering fresh laundry to your door stop. We have over 25 years of experience within the laundry business and we offer efficient and quality online dry cleaning services. At Opium Dry Cleaners we own and operate 3 shops all situated in and around the Chelsea area.


Customer service is a priority for Opium Dry Cleaners and our main goal is to make our dry cleaner service less stressful for you. We believe our click and collect assistance does this for you. Our expert staff always reads and garment cares your laundry carefully and efficiently, so that you don’t have to!


All you need to do is log onto our website and schedule your laundry using our online service. Our experts will then come and collect your laundry as part of our very successful dry cleaner service. Your laundry will be taken to one of our factories where it will be cleaned and purged using only the best products. We will then deliver your laundry back to your office or home, whichever you choose, at a convenient time for you.


At Opium Dry Cleaners we have our own state of the art factory where your clothes will be cleaned and pressed. As your chosen dry cleaner service we use only the best equipment and technology. We dry clean over 70 different products, we have an extensive knowledge when it comes to laundry.


As an experienced and successful dry cleaner service we handle your laundry with the utmost care.

We use modern solvents and hydrocarbons as these are less harmful to your clothes. At Opium Dry Cleaners we believe in running a sustainable company. We succeed in this by recycling as much as possible and reducing waste that can harm our environment.

At Opium Dry Cleaners we are reliable, sustainable and convenient. We are your number one dry cleaner service. Call us today on: 07908 154397 or visit our website for more information!

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