Dry Cleaners in Mayfair

Do you need to get your suit dry cleaned?

Are you looking for some help washing your silk dress?

Do you need dry cleaners in Mayfair?

Opium Dry Cleaners is the company to help you!


We hold over 25 years experience in the dry cleaning industry. And offer efficient and quality online dry cleaning services to the busy elite of London. Our years of experience and knowledge in the industry make us the ideal choice to be your dry cleaners in Mayfair.


At Opium Dry Cleaners we pride ourselves in collecting and delivering your fresh laundry at a time and date suited to you. We make laundry one less thing for you to worry about! Not only do we come and collect your laundry, but we also garment care it for you, so that you don’t have to. As your dry cleaners in Mayfair we offer an efficient and easy service for our customers!


As our customers all you need to do is log onto our website and place your laundry order! At a time chosen by yourself, we will come and collect your laundry. Opium takes your laundry to one of our state of the art factories where it will be cleaned and purged with the highest quality. When your laundry is cleaned, we will deliver it back to your home or office.

Choosing dry cleaners in Mayfair has never been so easy!


Opium Dry Cleaners are extremely satisfied with our state of the art factories. In our modern factories we use the latest equipment and technology to make sure your clothes get cleaned according to quality. As dry cleaners in Mayfair we clean over 70 different products, therefore we know laundry!


We can assure you that your laundry will be handled with the utmost care in our facilities. We use modern solvents such as hydrocarbon which are less harmful to your clothes. At Opium we believe in running a sustainable company. And we are able to achieve this by recycling as much as we can. We are also able to be green by reducing waste that can harm our environment.


When you choose your dry cleaners in Mayfair, Opium should be your obvious choice. We are reliable, sustainable and convenient. Call us today on 07908 154 397 or visit our website to start your laundry service!

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