For those people who don’t have a tumble dryer, it can be a real struggle trying to dry out your laundry. It’s even worse when you don’t have a tumble dryer and the weather is bad, so you can’t even use the garden. 

You might think there is no space to dry your clothes indoors, but you would be surprised at the solutions you can find when you put your mind to it. 

Space Over The Bath 

Putting a clothesline or drying rack in or over the bath is an ideal place to allow your clothes to air out. You can even use the shower rail for additional hanging space too.

Retractable Clothes Line

Even though they are made for outdoor use, a retractable clothesline is another great way to use space when needing to dry inside. You ideally need a fair amount of space, but you have the option to pick a room with the most space. 

Fast Spin 

Depending on what the clothing labels dictate, you can use the fast spin cycle to ring out additional water. This the drying process will be slightly sped up as there is less moisture within the fibers. 

If you struggle for space, doing your laundry more often will help you out. Instead of letting it all pile up into large loads, doing smaller loads more often means you have fewer items to worry about. 

Using the space in your house is good for when you have a few small items to wash. But what about bigger items and larger loads?

Opium Dry Cleaners can help you. 

Our collect and delivery service makes it easier for you to plan your time. We collect and deliver straight to the location of your choice, meaning all you need to do is be there. We have an amazing turn around time and will deliver your clean laundry back to you on the same day. 

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