Eco Green Dry Cleaners

Opium Dry Cleaners are proud to call themselves eco green dry cleaners as it is important for us to provide professional dry cleaning for our clients that don’t have negative effects on our Earth.

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Green Dry Cleaning In London

As London’s eco green dry cleaners, we pride ourselves on being eco-friendly cleaners with fair prices.

What makes us “eco green dry cleaners”? At Opium Dry Cleaners, we don’t use damaging toxic solvents which many other dry cleaners use. We have invested in machines that use hydrocarbons to clean your clothes!

We provide a variety of services beyond just dry cleaning. As London’s eco green dry cleaners we take special care of your silk and linen itesm as well as your suede and leather items.

Opium Dry Cleaners also offer shirt laundering with care and we will restore your wedding dress as if you just bought it from the store. Lastly we provide dry cleaning for bed, table cloths, rug and many more commercial laundry services.

Our team are honoured to make make your life easier by coming to you!

Let Opium Dry Cleaners pick up your clothes, bring them to our shop for the best, most eco green dry cleaners service in London and then return them back to you, fresh and ready to make you look your best.

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Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

At Opium Dry Cleaners being as sustainable as possible is important to us, so not only do we use modern solvents and hydrocarbon to clean your clothes, but we also have our own factory of up to date machinery!

We also recycle as much as possible to reduce the harmful waste to protect our planet!

So call London’s eco green dry cleaners today on 02038 929 560 or start helping our Earth today and order through our online store!

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