It is always a pain when you need an item of clothing but it’s in the wash, and you can never get anything to dry properly in time!

If you want your clothes to have a better chance at drying off, then choose the fastest spin cycle on your machine. But removing as much water as possible will significantly cut down the drying time. Try not to overfill your washing machine because packing clothes in tight together leaves them damper.

Arguably one of the fastest ways to dry clothes is to use a clean towel and some tissue paper. Cover the item you want drying in tissue paper and then roll up tightly in the towel. Leave for 5 minutes and there you have it – dry. 

If you hang your clothes out on the line, try using hangers instead of pegs as this speeds up the drying process. If you use a clothes horse then make sure you hang small items at the bottom and bigger at the top, this creates a better airflow. 

If suitable, you can iron your clothes while they are still damp. Not only will this dry then quicker but it will remove all signs of creasing too! 

Overall, the easiest option when it comes to washing and drying your clothes is to use Opium Dry Cleaners. As part of our high standing service, we collect and deliver your clothes to you saving you time in your busy schedule. All the solvents we use are less aggressive and toxic towards the environment, leaving your clothes extra soft. 

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