For many people, when it comes to seasonal changes making sure you have the correct clothes out of storage and back in your wardrobe is essential. 

Vacuum pack bags and suitcases full of summer clothes can now be taken out and swapped with your winter wardrobe. 

But is it that simple?

When it comes to storing clothes, some people choose to pack all of their items into a suitcase of bin liners, which will end up in the garage. 

People who don’t have a garage may choose to store all of their clothes in vacuum pack bags, which are really easy to store inside. Others may use large storage boxes.

A thing to keep in mind when switching your wardrobe around is the moth activity in your house or garage. 

Those pesky creatures will eat holes into your clothes and quite frankly, they are not the type of insect you want in the house. 

Make sure to wash all garments before storing them, as this will get rid of any hair, skin, and stains. This will keep your clothes fresh and in good condition. 

If you are going to be using a storage space that is either an attic or garage, then investing in an airtight container is the best idea. 

Not only are they easy to stack and keep out of the way but they help to protect your clothes more so than a cardboard box would.