As usual, the British weather is unsure of what it is supposed to do. We have experienced some lovely sunny days, but we have also seen the rain. With the weather being so uncertain it is hard to choose what clothes to wear for the day.

Even popping to the shop is a challenge. It’s raining when you leave the house so you wear jeans and a raincoat, but after you’ve done the shopping and get back outside the sun is beaming down on you making you sweat! 

When it is hot, we all consume more water in order to stay hydrated. We all understand how difficult it can be trying to drink a bottle of water without spilling it when your kids are young and running circles around you!

It’s also a nightmare when wearing your new suit, walking around busy London on a hot day with a drink in your hand, and having someone bump into you. Water goes all over your new suit and now it’s ruined.

Drinking water

But, Opium Dry Cleaners have found you the perfect solution. We are implementing new technology that allows us to keep your clothes waterproof! To avoid spillages, rain and damaging your clothes, we are now using a high coverage waterproof spray. This service will come as standard when you use Opium Dry Cleaners. We can keep your garments fluid free so you don’t have to worry about it.

With this treatment, your clothes will stay free from dark patches and water marks. In fact, the water won’t even soak into your clothes it will just slide off without leaving a trace. If this sounds like something you need then get in touch with us now! We deliver a click and collect service to make life easier for you.

To see for yourself just how effective and efficient our service is call us on 02038 929560 or you can email us at