Have you got a big interview coming up? Maybe you’re off to an important networking event? Whatever it is, we know there’s a lot to prepare for in life.

Amidst getting everything ready for these big events and handling family life, you could forgive yourself for not ironing out each individual creese or putting your trousers through the wash AGAIN because this little stain just won’t go. 

Others may not be so forgiving and if you can see the flaws in your outfit, so can your current or potential employers. Not looking your best could cost you the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Remove the stress of not looking your best and let a professional service your best outfit. At Opium Dry Cleaners, we take your clothes to our very own state of the art facility where they’ll be handled with the utmost care by our team of dedicated professionals.  

We use modern, eco-friendly solvents that will eliminate any dirt or stain without damaging your garments. By having your clothes dry cleaned by professionals, you’ll also eliminate the risk of your fabrics shrinking or losing colour.

By giving your clothes to us, you’ll ensure that you’ll get your clothes back in pristine condition, free of any guilt of causing any damage to our environment.   

Did I mention we also offer a collect and delivery service that means you won’t even have to leave the house as a member of our team will drive to your location to pick up and drop off your laundry anytime, anywhere? 

Well, we do and we offer this with the same and next day delivery option that affords you all the time that is important to you to focus on those big, upcoming events. 

Don’t leave it to chance, let us prepare your best outfit for you and give us a call on 02038 929 560. For further information or to make an order, you can call us on the same number or visit our website.