Opium Dry Cleaners London Laundry App Just Booming!

Gone are the days, when people used to visit the dry cleaning companies for getting their laundry done. Opium Dry Cleaners has just made the laundry and dry cleaning of your clothes easier than ever before. With an easy to use app, we help you to save time and keep your budget flexible. All you just need to follow:

London Laundry

  • Download our app available for both iOS and Android.
  • Select the desired service.
  • Our team will collect the laundry from the given address.

All you just need to select the date and time for laundry collection. We clean, iron, and deliver your clothes in as little as 6 hours. Plus, we ensure that we’ll give your laundry the ultimate perfection, cleaning with high-quality products, and avoid using harmful chemicals for a professional look. Apart from laundry services, people count on us to clean curtains, wedding gowns, jackets, and more.

Opium Dry Cleaners has built its reputation over years of experience and that’s the only reason people count on us. We ensure that the clothes you receive are properly clean and spotless as promised. Relax and enjoy the clean clothes!