Is it possible for a suit to shout at you? Do you think your shirts have voice and emotions? How would you reply if your sweaters and jeans got angry at you?

Well, this is how your clothes feel when you turn a deaf ear to their needs. Unless you want your clothes to hate you, pay attention to the following life-saving list…

Watch out for detergent

Not too much, not too few. Actually, less is better in this case. Usually a tablespoon is enough to do the job, provided you have a highly-efficient washing machine. And most of us have such nowadays. More detergent is a serious money-waster and a fabric killer. 

Don’t ignore their washing instructions

When it says, dry clean, it means it. Of course, it won’t go worthless if you wash it. Like car servicing, manufacturers know better and they always let a safety net around their products. But you should stick to the labels as much as possible. 

You leave them filthy and grotty for long

One scar doubles in size in a week. Two bacon spots grow larger in a few days when unwashed; and your pants will ooze after a week. Don’t ignore them. Wash them as often as required. A clean shirt will go a long way in a job interview. On top of that, never, never, never play games with underwear and socks…  

Beware of bleach

Bleach is a powerful whitening factor. Bleach wears out the colours, not the spots. Never add bleach to a washing session with coloured fabric. It is always best to let dry cleaners do what they know best. 

Going cold is a myth

Cold water retains colouring. Clothes shrink during drying, not in the washing action. Dark colours are risky when mixed with white and light ones. So beware of the mixing: you don’t want a white shirt to go zebra-style for next Friday’s staff meeting. 

Hang dry whenever possible

Going the age-old fashion by hanging your textiles in the breeze for a dry session is the clothes’ spa soothing treatment. Our moms are right. Hanging clothes in the back yard to dry out prevents shrinkage. But ask the British weather first… 

Some stains do require professionals

All right, we get it. You want to save money and wash it yourself. However, sending an expensive suit or a leather jacket to dry cleaners will save you money in the long term. Don’t experiment with expensive stuff. Some things just need a specialist. They know how to deal with it.  

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