Time management for busy people

Anyone who works long hours, has kids, runs errands and has to tend to the household knows that there is just not enough hours in the day. As much as you try and follow the plan in your head, it doesn’t usually work out. So here are a few tips on how to regain control over your time. 

  • Make Lists
    • A to-do list is a good way of keeping track of all the tasks you need to complete. The best way to use them is to prioritise your responsibilities, putting the critical things at the top and things that can wait nearer the bottom. Then once a task is completed you can cross it off your list.


  • Prepare In Advance
    • Whether it’s cooking meals dinner or having to get your kids dressed in the morning, the easiest way to keep on top of time is to prepare the day / night before. You can try bulk cooking meals and freezing them so you don’t have to cook every night after work. When it comes to getting the kids ready, try leaving their clothes for the next day out on the dresser. That way everything is sorted in advance. 


  • Be Flexible 
    • Everyday is different. Sometimes you won’t get round to doing the things you originally planned to do because something came up. But whatever your plans are keep in mind that they may have to change, so be flexible with it.

Outsourcing Is The Way

Another great thing to keep in mind is that you can outsource things, like getting your shopping delivered. But did you know that you here at Opium Dry Cleaners we offer a collection & delivery service? We understand that doing the laundry always tends to be one of those tasks that you need to do but don’t have time. Plus the thought of ironing all those shirts on sunday night is terrifying. 

So Opium Dry Cleaners will save you the hassle, we can collect your laundry, which by the way you don’t need to sort out. We read all garment labels to ensure the recommended cleaning is followed. Then after we clean, dry and fold your clothes we deliver them back to you. The best thing about this service is that we provide an impressive 6 hour turnaround time! 

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