Open Late Dry Cleaning Service

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If you are looking for an open late dry cleaning service, Opium Dry Cleaners are the ones to call. We are proud to be open everyday, from 7am to 11pm.


Finding the time to visit your local dry cleaners can be extremely time consuming and stressful. That’s where Opium Dry Cleaners click and collect service comes in.


We provide an efficient, reliable, and affordable service for all your dry cleaning needs. Whether you are looking to wash corporate items, household items, or personal items, we can do it all! Regardless of the amount you are looking to have dry cleaned, we will cater to your needs.


Our open late dry cleaning service has been designed to suit every one.


At Opium Dry Cleaners we have over 25 years experience offering excellent dry cleaning services to the busy elite of London. We dry clean over 70 different products, therefore we are the experts.


So how does our service work?

It’s simple. Visit our website and click on the shop & order page. Here, you will be able to choose the items you are looking to have dry cleaned. Then, choose a time and place for collection. One of our expert and friendly staff members will come and collect your items.


Since we provide an open late dry cleaning service, this can be any time between 7am and 11pm.


Next, we bring your items to one of our state of the art factories.

We feel proud to be able to own our own factories. This allows us to be track of your items at all time and to ensure that the correct cleaning is always implemented.


Owning and operating our own factories greatly sets us apart from our competitors and makes Opium Dry Cleaners the right choose for all your laundry needs.


Offering an open late dry cleaning service allows us to always be there for our clients. This means that we always put our clients first. Our company is run by placing our clients at the very centre of it.


When you choose our services, you never have to worry about the environment. This is because we run a sustainable company. At Opium Dry Cleaners we reuse and recycle as much as we can. This allows us to create less waste that may damage the environment. Furthermore, we also use modern solvents. These are less aggressive and toxic towards your clothes. They are also much better for the environment.


When you choose Opium Dry Cleaners to be your local laundry service, you never have to stress. This is because we offer an open late dry cleaning service. We are proud to be open every day from 7am to 11pm. Never again will you need to stress to get your laundry done! What’s even better, we will come to you. Simply, schedule your laundry today!


If you have any questions, feel free to call us today. You can reach our team on 07908 154 397 or Follow us on: Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram!


Choose Opium Dry Cleaners for our open late dry cleaning service and never stress with your laundry again!


You can also find us in White City!

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