Maintaining the planets’ environment is important to us here at Opium Dry Cleaners. We want to ensure that we do our best to decrease our carbon footprint and emissions. That is why we provide an eco-friendly service. We don’t like to use harsh chemicals to clean your clothes, as not only does that damage the environment but it can also damage the fibers of your clothes too. 

We take cleaning your garments very seriously and like to ensure that everything is washed and pressed to the highest standard. A lot of care is taken when handling your items, however we are efficient in our service providing a 6 hour turn around!

Our process is kept simple and non-toxic. Natural detergents are used to remove stains, mixed with the right temperature of water and specialist knowledge. This leaves your clothes brighter and fresher than if we were to use harsh chemicals. 


The Process 

  • Examination – we inspect your garments checking wash labels. We also use this time to treat your garments with our non toxic detergent. 


  • Stains – we then go over the garments and add the appropriate stain remover.


  • Wash – next the garments go into the machine for the appropriate cycle.


  • Drying – Depending on the labels in the items then clothes are either air dried or placed in a dryer for a gentle spin. 


  • Press – All creases are then removed from the garments and then they are given the once over to check everything is finished to the highest standard.   

If you are interested in using our eco-friendly and efficient service then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call now on 02038 929 560 or email

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