Bed Spread Double Wash



Why choose Opium Dry Cleaners to dry clean your Double Bedspread? 

In addition to our 5-star reputation with experienced London dry cleaners, Opium Dry Cleaners focus on customer satisfaction. Subsequently, with us, you have the choice to choose the time slot that suits you and your time schedule for when we can collect and return your double bedspread. 

What does the service involve?

For the amazing smell of a fresh double bedspread, of course! Here at Opium Dry Cleaners, washing a double bedspread is one of our most popular items for corporate and household laundry. We offer washing for double, single, king size bedspreads, and we can wash pillowcases, bed sheets, duvets, and bed throws. All items processed within this service are washed and pressed and will be returned packaged and ready for use. 

Service Wash

If you do not need your double bedspread ironed or pressed, our service wash includes a machine wash, tumble dry and fold. 

Please note, that we do not air dry double bedspreads or any other item. Anything ordered for a service wash must be able to be machine washed and tumble dried.

Bedspread & More

In addition to washing double bedspreads, we can also clean your duvets, pillows, cushions, mattress protectors, and bed throws. It’s important to keep these items clean and fresh, so why not leave them in  Opium Dry Cleaners’ experienced hands? 


What are the benefits of Dry Cleaning?

  • Dry cleaning is very effective in eliminating grease, dirt, oils and stains from your clothes without damaging or shrinking them in any way. Dry cleaning can extend the life of your clothing.

Do you offer collection and delivery services?

  • Yes, Opium Dry Cleaners will collect and deliver your laundry anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is visit our order page and schedule your laundry for collection.

Do you offer services that will deliver laundry on the same day?

  • Yes, here at Opium Dry Cleaners, we offer the same day and next day service that are specifically catered to your dry cleaning needs.

Does your company clean the laundry?

  • Unlike many other online dry cleaning companies, who take their laundry to be cleaned by other companies, we have our very own state of the art factory where your laundry will be dry cleaned to perfection.

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  • “Opium Dry Cleaners are fantastic, they offer 5 star dry cleaning service + they also can deliver your clean stuff to your home at your convenience. I will defiantly recommend their services to anyone I know!!” – C.T
  • “Opium Dry Cleaners came and collected my satin dress. I was quite nervous but it turned out great! I am so happy with the results and I will definitely use again. Cheap as well!” – S.S
  • “The restaurant I work at needed their table clothes cleaned quickly as we had a big event happening. Opium Dry Cleaners came to our restaurant to pick them up and delivered them back fresh the next day. Very pleased!” – M.M
  • “My wife just got a job so neither of us have any time for laundry. That’s when I thought a click and collect dry cleaning service would be perfect and it has been! Couldn’t be more impressed.” – M.P

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