Specialist Dry Cleaning

Sometimes your washing machine just won’t cut it for a particular job. Prized textiles and expensive rugs, curtains or other materials need special care. 

It doesn’t have to be costly either. At Opium Dry Cleaning, we offer cost-effective and Eco-friendly specialist dry cleaning services.

We are more than happy to deliver to your door, or you are most welcome to come and collect your laundry at any of our establishments around London. 

Our handy mobile app is available on Google Play and the Apple store. Here you can order online, view our services catalogue and get access to exclusive offers.

With 25 years experience, our services span a wide range. These include:

  • Household laundry
  • Corporate Laundry 
  • Women’s laundry
  • Sports team laundry
  • Alterations – stitching tears, patching holes, resizing and replacing buttons and zippers and more.

We are confident and experienced in handling many different textiles. You can trust us with your suede, silk and delicate materials! Quality control and care is at the core of everything we do and we treat your garments as our own.

If your coat or jacket is looking a little worse for wear, we’ll happily get that looking fresh and like new again. For a more extensive look at our services, you can browse our online shop.

We offer deals all year round on shirts and other bulk items. Currently, we are offering a service of 4 shirts for only £10. This would be great to take advantage of if you have a few events coming up and you need to look sharp.  

Our fast turnaround will ensure you get your items back in plenty of time for the occasion. We want to ensure we provide the best and most efficient service, every time. We’re so pleased that our customer testimonials reflect this ethos.

Take a look at our online shop if you’re looking for a specific service. Here, you can find more information, search deals and book your slot. If you prefer to talk to someone directly, you can always give us a call on 02038 929 560.