At Opium Dry Cleaners, we know not everyone enjoys doing the laundry. It can be a mammoth task that builds up over time, turning into your worst nightmare. 

Most people leave the washing until they simply have no more clothes to wear – but this shouldn’t be your outlook on laundry. 

The worst thing to leave in the wash basket is dirty sports clothes!

Regardless of the sport you play, your kit will not smell pretty so it is best to get it washed as soon as you are done with it. 

In most team sports there will be a number of people wearing kits, and making sure that is all washed and clean ready for the next game is vital. 

The chances are that no one in the team really wants to be responsible for taking all the washing home and getting it cleaned up – but that is where we come in.

Opium Dry Cleaners can lend you a helping hand. We can take your whole teams’ kit and have it washed and dried within the same day. 

Using our collection and delivery service, it has never been easier to ensure that you are prepped for the next match!

To see the benefits of our sports team service call us now on 02038 929 560. Alternatively, you can email us at