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Thanks Opium for such a quick service and for fixing my zip on my dress!

Absolute best dry cleaners 😊

Rebecca C.


They picked up my clothes at a specific time, had them cleaned and dropped off back to me when i was home, Great Service and Quality!

Zakariya A.


Awesome customer service. Won’t be going anywhere else. Thanks very much!

Russel R.


The restaurant I work at needed their table clothes cleaned quickly as we had a big event happening. Opium Dry Cleaners came to our restaurant to pick them up and delivered them back fresh the next day. Very pleased! Martha M.


Excellent, affordable, quick. Mark P.


Very good service, friendly staff. I will give them 5 stars anytime. Joe L.


Best dry cleaners I’ve ever come across, reliable, quick, & attentive. Also, great customer service.. highly recommended!!

Vejiha M.


Amazing customer service and incredibly fast and efficient! I highly recommend Opium Dry Cleaners!

Maha Q.


I needed to get my work uniform dry cleaned quickly and came across Opium Dry Cleaners. What a great find. They collected my two suits at 1pm and they returned them to me at 5:15pm. Great service and a great job. I will be telling my friends about this place.

Thomas G.


I needed someplace to go for my suits and found Opium Dry Cleaners online. They came to my office and collected my items, and returned them very quickly fresh and ready to wear! I won’t be going anywhere else. John L.


Quick service for all my laundry requirements, highly recommend! Mark T.


My wife just got a job so neither of us have any time for laundry. That’s when I thought a click and collect dry cleaning service would be perfect and it has been! Couldn’t be more impressed. Matt. P


Fantastic customer service every time. This is the only place I go now due to the consistently attentive service. Highly recommended. Danny N.


Great opening hours, excellent service, friendly staff! Anna L.


My hotel needed all our staff wear dry cleaned. I was very impressed with Opium Dry Cleaners as they were very professional and friendly. Great prices as well. Tim D.


Great quality and service. Exceptional dry cleaners!
One of the greatest dry cleaning business around. Not only can I rely on them for dry cleaning but they are magnificent for tailoring aswell. Very highly recommended. Exceptional service and quality. The staff are very friendly. They have become my favourite dry cleaning business thank you. Faisol K.


Took my curtains to Opium Dry Cleaners and received such an exceptional service. Very quick turnaround for my order. Very experienced and knowledgeable staff who did a faultless job on my dry cleaning. Definitely will use again! Thanks guys!



Best online dry cleaners !!!!!!!
I’ve been using opium dry cleaners for cleaning my shirts they pick up from my home at 7am and deliver it in the evening time. they charge £3.25 a shirt and have quality which is better than any dry cleaners. Driver is always the same and not different every time. Opium dry cleaners, are the only online dry cleaner to except PAYPAL extra bonus. Kamran K.


I have been using this website to get my cleaning done for last 6 months, cleaning quality is excellent and very friendly staff. Additionally the system of payment is PayPal and this is the best form as payment as its safe for both parties.

Natasha D.


Greatest service out for dry cleaning. Very fast and good quality service. Faisol khan


Quick and easy to use!
Had to get our suits, shirts and ties quickly dry cleaned for our staff. Same day order and delivery. Amazing service. Quick, prompt arrival as always! Would definitely recommend as the best online dry cleaners in London! Kande V.