Big Companies To Merge 

As Laundrapp take the leap and move forward for their bid to merge companies with laundry giant Zipjet who provides services throughout Europe and the UK. It’s always a hot topic within the laundry community when two companies become one and after a lot of talks, it seems a deal has been struck!
The merge of two laundry names become one, but let’s have an overview of who they are:-

Zipjet is a multinational company spanning over destinations in Europe such as Berlin and Paris. Boosting a 24-hour turn around with dry cleaning with pick up time spanning 7 am to 10 pm (which is almost as many hours we are open for!) their low prices have enticed customers globally, along with the backing of the daily mail.

Laundrapp is a company who are clearly thinking of growth and are here and ready to invest and do so. With their business focusing on corporate concerns Laundrapp boasts nationwide services including over 100 different cities.

The cost and deal set of £17.5M Laundrapp are set to take ownership of Zipjet, with a combined yield and revenue of Zipjet and Laundrapp being around £7.5m its estimated this expense will become profitable by 2021.

With Laundrapp new access to Zipjet new international clientele, we can see this company growing more and more!

We think both of these two dry cleaning app giants are a brilliant pairing and we are excited to see how they grow and mold their new partnership!

But we ask you…

‘Why choose Laundrapp when you can choose the ‘Uber’ of dry of cleaning?’

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