Dry Cleaners in Kensington

Are you looking for dry cleaners in Kensington?

Do you have a lack of time to drop off your laundry?

Don’t worry, Opium Dry Cleaners are here for you, we help those who don’t want to waste their time with laundry.


Opium Dry Cleaners have over 25 years of experience within the laundry industry. We cater our services to residents in Chelsea, Canary Wharf, Central London and Kensington. Our team offer quality online dry cleaning for those who are hard-pressed on time!


As your local dry cleaners in Kensington we take pride in collecting and delivering fresh laundry to your door stop.

Making it one less thing you have to worry about.

Our expert staff read and garment care everything carefully, making sure we implement the recommended cleaning for your laundry.


So how do we work? Being your chosen dry cleaners in Kensington you simply schedule your laundry using our quick and easy online form. Our highly trained staff will then come and collect your laundry and take it to our factory. Ones in the factory your laundry will be purged with the highest quality. We will then delivery your laundry back to your home or office, at a time convenient for you.


At Opium Dry cleaners we have state of the art factories where your clothes will be cleaned and pressed. We use only the latest equipment and technology making sure you get the best service.


As your dry cleaners in Kensington we handle your items with the utmost care. Our team use modern solvent and hydrocarbon, which are both less harmful to your clothes. At Opium Dry Cleaners we believe in running a sustainable company by recycling as much as we possibly can and reducing waste that can harm our environment. We are reliable, sustainable and convenient!


We know we are not the only dry cleaners in Kensington. At Opium we also know that we are far superior to our competition in Kensington. Our state of the art factories will leave your laundry feeling as fresh as the day you bought it. Our quick and easy online system also offers a much more efficient and time-saving service than any of our competitors. Choose Opium Dry Cleaners as your dry cleaners in Kensington!


Call us today on: 07908 754397 or visit our website.

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