Get Our Services as Best Dry Cleaners In Chelsea London

Whether you’re looking for dry cleaning services for your home or office, you always come up with the result of companies offering the best laundry and dry cleaning services in Chelsea London. Opium Dry Cleaners is one of them making your dry cleaning experience quick and reliable than ever before. We offer the best online laundry services catered to the busy lifestyle of London’s elite. We collect, clean and deliver your items in as little as 6 hours.

Our services are simple – place an online order in a matter of seconds, our team will collect and clean the items, returning them properly washed and pressed at your doorstep. We avoid using harsh chemicals or anything that can negatively affect your apparels. We’ve built our reputation as the best dry cleaners of Chelsea London over years of experience and reliable services. Thousands of people across London and major cities already trust us to meet their laundry and dry cleaning services.

dry cleaners of Chelsea London

With our easy to use the app, you just need to select the preferred date and time for laundry collection and we will pick it up within an hour. Apart from our reliable laundry services, people count on us to clean curtains, wedding gowns, jackets, and more. Just name it, we’ll wash it for you!