Dry Cleaning

From Opium Dry Cleaners

When buying designer labels, you want to keep them in pristine condition, right?

Well, a expert dry cleaning service can keep you looking good and smelling fresh for the next time you give your clothing the runway!

When it comes to your clothes, dry cleaning is often a necessity. Why do it yourself when a professional is at your disposal?

Opium Dry Cleaners can save you time on you your sensitive clothes. What really matters is that your clothes return to you as you gave them to us – the only difference being the added sparkle and sweet smell of cleanliness.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a second to none dry cleaning service, giving all of your suits, dresses and even underwear the care and attention they crave.

Not only that, Opium Dry Cleaners take the finer details into consideration. We believe that attention to detail is the key tailoring to each and every requirement of the customer and their attire.

Our experience enables us to be the first name on your mind when it comes to dealing with all fabrics, colours and even the most delicate items of clothing.

From Silk to Linen, slick to lavish, we are the expert dry cleaner that can stand you out from the crowd.


We know what it takes to make you the bell of the ball!

While there might be no better feeling like new clothes, we can help make your old garment look good as new. So, not only do we help you look good, we save you money in the process too!

As for those troublesome stains you can’t get rid of. Well, worry no more – At Opium Dry Cleaners we know materials, we know labels, we know stains and we don’t treat every item the same. It’s simple, and so is taking care of your dry cleaning – just shop and order – collect and deliver – that’s picking up your dry cleaning from wherever you are in central London, and bringing it back.

Opium Dry Cleaners are ready to wash away those dirty blues, or reds, or browns… (depending on that stain…)

So, yes, it’s time to get ready – preparation is key, and here is Opium Dry Cleaners with the solutions to your dry cleaning, time and hassle-free needs.

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