Expert Knowledge Dry Cleaners

Opium Dry Cleaners are expert knowledge dry cleaners in London.


We cater our services to the busy elite, who find dry cleaning to be a hassle.With our excellent opening hours:


Monday-Sunday, 7am-11pm, we are always here to collect and deliver your dry cleaning.


As professional dry cleaners we are full-service clothing care specialists. This means that we can help you with so much more than just your laundry. We can make alterations to your clothing, fix any buttons that have come undone, and ensure your household items are up to the highest standard.


Enquire today: 07908 154 397


The Dry Cleaning Process:

What is our dry cleaning process? As expert knowledge dry cleaners, we collect your items and take it to one of our factories. We are proud to own and operate our own factories.


The dry cleaning process uses fluids to remove soils and stains from fabrics. This can include personal clothing, corporate laundry and household items. We dry clean over 70 different items, we are the experts!


There are many advantages to using dry cleaners, especially when using Opium Dry Cleaners. We will be able to dissolve grease and oils from your clothes in a way that a simple wash at home could not do. Furthermore, natural fibres such as silk and wool, may shrink, distort, or lose its colour during a wash at home. However, our dry cleaning services ensure that we return your items in superb condition.


As expert knowledge dry cleaners we can ensure any:

  • Yellowing
  • Stains
  • Odor


Are removed from your clothing. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. However, if you are not satisfied, we will rewash your items free of charge.


Enquire today: 07908 154 397


Our Promise:

At Opium Dry Cleaners we give every customer a 5-star service. Our clients are at the very heart of what we do, and therefore, we always ensure that our expert staff keep growing and learning.


Our dry cleaning process is simple. All you need to do is schedule a time and place for us to collect your items. We then take it to one of our factories where it will be cleaned. Next, we return it to you in pristine condition!


Before we return your items, our expert team will conduct a thorough inspection. This is to ensure that your order has been met and that our expectations have also been met. If we spot a problem, we will give your garment further attention. This procedure ensures that we only return items in perfect condition.


Furthermore, when you choose Opium Dry Cleaners as your local expert knowledge dry cleaners, we care about the environment. This means that we reduce and recycle as much as we can.


Also, our factories use modern solvents. These are less toxic and aggressive towards the environment. They are also better for your clothes!


Enquire today: 07908 154 397


Get in Touch:

There is no longer any need to stress when trying to find a good and reliable dry cleaning service. Opium Dry Cleaners take the stress away from you. You do not have to leave work early or get up earlier in the morning. We are open everyday from 7am-11pm. We give everyone the option of dry cleaning at a time that suits them!


As expert dry cleaners we are affordable, reliable and sustainable. Why go anywhere else?!


To find out more, call our team today! You can reach us on 07908 154 397 or And follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

Opium Dry Cleaners are the addiction you can trust, get in touch today!

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