Quality Dry Cleaning Services

From Opium Dry Cleaners

At Opium Dry Cleaners our quality dry cleaning services are for the elite of London who need to keep their time keeping tight and efficient, while seeing amazing results from our services. We also ensure our commercial clients receive a superb service which incorporates your needs and timeframes and commit to them 100%.

Our team offer convenient, reliable and fast quality dry cleaning services available to central London with shops in Chelsea, Kensington and Canary Wharf. We have 25 years of experience and have an expert knowledge of the industry so we can take care of your clothing items, looking after your favourite labels and provide an impeccable dry cleaning service for home and commercial dressings like curtains, soft furnishings and accessories.

At Opium we have our own personal factory which ensures we know every move your dry cleaning takes. And have an in depth understanding of what happens to your laundry from the moment we have picked it up or you have dropped it off, until the moment it falls fresh and pressed back into your hands.

We are very conscious about the environment and how bad past solvents have been over the history of dry cleaning, so we only use modern solutions which are much less aggressive and far less toxic. This means if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, just by using our services you’ll be helping the environment.


That is just one aspect that allows us to give quality dry cleaning services to London’s elite!

Our click and collect online service is excellent when it comes to saving time and we have very competitive prices for over 70 products. We can dry clean for you. From kilts to curtains, suits to sofa covers, dresses to drapes.

If you’d like professional quality dry cleaning services then we are the company for you. Just call our friendly, busy team on 07908 154397 and we’ll give you all the information you need to begin a strong and personal business relationship. Alternatively do email us at info@opiumdrycleaners.com if you’d like to peruse the details in your own time. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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