If not, then bring your dirty clothes, sports equipment and all your hotel’s sheets to Opium Dry Cleaners now for an impeccable and professional dry cleaning experience.

If yes, and you are still wondering whether it is worth letting us look after your clothes, then listen to this:

When we say dry cleaning, we don’t really mean it! 

OK, we don’t use water, but we are expert handlers of a petroleum-based solvent called perchloroethylene. It’s not crude oil, don’t worry. This stuff, however, when applied to clothes, dissolves stains, mud, dirt and all that smelly stuff without actually harming the fabric itself.

Do you know why we do this?

Because petroleum-based solvents have this magic: to clean fabric without actually abusing your precious tops.

Don’t thank us, however. We are not that kind. Thank Jean Baptist Jolly, a French dye-works businessman, who in 1855 accidentally discovered the power of kerosine in cleaning clothes (a tablecloth, in his case).

 This invention then accounts for the distinctive and familiar odour in all dry cleaners around the world.

Now, you may be wondering if it is necessary to send clothes for dry cleaning. Have you noticed that some clothes’ labels state dry clean, while others dry clean only?

The drama is in the detail: when it says dry cleaning, it is recommended to go dry cleaning for best results. But when it clearly says dry cleaning only, then you should stick to it because (a clothing) disaster lurks in the corner. 

Dry cleaning is gentle; 165 years since Jean Baptist Jolly played–accidentally–games prove it. A small additional expense is worth the results. 

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