Wool is a common material when it comes to winter clothes, but do you know how to properly care for them?

When the weather turns cold, the wool clothes come out. It is a very durable material that is thick and not that easy to clean. Sometimes it is best to not try and wash materials like this yourself, especially if you don’t have the spare time to make sure you follow the correct washing process. 

When washing your wool clothes, never put it in a dryer as it will shrink! It is suggested to lay your wool garments flat on a towel to dry. You should not hang wool clothes as it will lead to them becoming misshapen and lumpy. 

Did you know that moths are naturally attracted to the proteins in wool fibers? 

To help protect your clothes more you could store your wool clothes with natural cedar wood balls or try keeping those particular garments in a bag.

The best way to make sure your wool garments get the care they need is to seek the help of a professional dry cleaner. 

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