Opium Dry Cleaners are at the heart of London’s finest entrepreneurs, and not only. We offer dry clean services to businesses and individuals who have no spare time.

London is probably the world’s busiest hub. People just jump into the rush hour, go to work, go out for a drink, and maybe do some shopping on the weekend. We all understand that leading a hectic lifestyle may easily derail our daily needs. And cleaning our clothes is one of them.

Our dry cleaning services are fast and efficient. Your laundry necessities are just a phone call away or an email. Taking care of London’s busiest entrepreneurs is our pride, because we let you, the business owner, the office manager, or the action-packed bank director focus on your task. You need not worry anymore about wearing a clean shirt every day, because Opium Dry Cleaners take care of it.

Scheduling a regular dry cleaning with us, or popping up once a week to hand us over your laundry, is part of a convenient life. And London life does become easier when someone takes much of the burden off your shoulders.

London’s finest are not alone. London’s business people can trust Opium Dry Cleaners to clean, iron, care and deliver their shirts, suits, precious leather coats and so on. Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair, Hyde Park or Pimlico business communities are just a step away from letting a professional dry cleaner look after their business clothing needs.

Bring to us your suits and shirts. Let us do the weekly laundry for you. Let us iron your collar stiffs impeccably and deliver on time. You just go to your Mayfair-based office and straight to a company meeting.

Opium Dry Cleaners clean London’s finest entrepreneurs, and not only. Professional dry cleaners couldn’t be better friends for you. Call us now on 02038 929 560, 0790 8154 397. Or, pop us an email at info@opiumdrycleaners.com.