Are you career-attracted to us? Have you thought of jumping into a new path within the dry cleaning sector?

If the idea crossed your mind, you are most welcome to join us on an interesting trip. But, before you take the first ladder step, let us kindly offer some guidance as to what you can expect and what we expect from you.

What We Do

We dry clean a massive range of personal and commercial-scale clothing and fabric equipment around London’s busiest hubs, by using chemicals. Collection and delivery are within our services. We also check for their condition and iron them, before delivering to the customer.

What You Need

  • Academic qualifications are not a must-have. But it would be highly valuable for both of us if you would obtain a customer service qualification (there are hundreds out there, either online or class-based courses). Getting into the customers mindset is crucial, and because we cater for much of London’s business ecosystem, your customer skills may need to be on the same high par.
  • Experience in previous jobs is very much needed, especially in customer service or retail. If not, yo will learn from the best
  • Some GCSEs in Maths and English.
  • You would be greatly served if you did a dry-cleaning apprenticeship with fashion or textile manufacturers, to become familiar with the industry. It may be rare to find one but keen an eye. Opportunities come and go.
  • Reliability, timekeeping, flexibility, manual dexterity, initiative, team spirit, patience, sensitivity, understanding, and customer care lead to success more than pure academic knowledge. But, the combination of both is ideal because one certifies and complements the other.
  • What would help you succeed are interpersonal skills (empathy with the customer), customer-oriented behaviour and skills, and attention to detail (we deal with scars, spots, dirt!)


Get into contact with us and apply directly, if a vacancy comes up.

Do your apprenticeship, complete it, and stay with the business.

Opium Dry Cleaners offer superior dry cleaning services to London’s elite, with a swift collection and delivery service to match busy people’s lifestyle. To learn more about our services or get an idea of what it means to work for us, contact us through all communication ways found in our website.