Have you ever walked past someone and thought ‘wow, you smell amazing, how can I get my clothes smelling so good?!’ 

Here at Opium Dry Cleaners, we have put together some quick tips to try, in order to leave your clothes smelling fresh. 

  1. Scent Your Laundry – Add a few drops of your favourite smelling essential oil to a spray bottle and mix with a little bit of water. Give it a shake and mist your dirty laundry before putting them in the washing machine. 


  1. Use Scented Detergents & Soap – Laundry detergents come in a range of scents. Pick your favourite and use it with every wash. However, be aware that scented detergents are more likely to leave more residue inside your machine. An alternative is to use naturally scented soaps. 


  1. DIY Scented Sheet – Take a piece of scrap material and soak it in water. Squeeze out excess liquid and then add your favourite essential oil fragrance. When your tumble dry load gets to the last 10 minutes, add your freshly scented cloth to finish off. Your clothes will be left feeling soft and smelling amazing.


  1. Thorough Drying – Regardless of the method you use to dry your clothes, you need to make sure they are properly dry before folding them up and putting them away. Any damp can lead to your clothes smelling off.



  • Wash Wet Clothes Straight Away – Mildew will start to grow wherever moisture is present. You should make sure you wash any wet clothing as soon as you can otherwise they will start to smell bad. 


Alternatively, if you’re after the best smelling garments that provide you comfort all day long, then have them washed at Opium Dry Cleaners. We provide a collect and delivery service to make your life as stress-free as possible. 

Make your order now by either calling us on 02038 929 560 or you can email info@opiumdrycleaners.com.