Summer time, the time of the year when most people tend to go on their holidays. As I am sure you will agree, when jetting off on a beach holiday, swimwear is an essential item!

This season there are plenty of flattering and exotic one or two piece swimsuits for you to choose from. Even though quality and design are all undoubtedly important factors to purchasing swimwear, the one thing people forget is how to properly look after it.

Your swimwear will constantly come into contact with chlorine, sweat and minerals, which are elastane fibres number one enemy!

In order to prolong the life of your swimwear it is vital you take proper care of it. After every use, hand wash your swimsuit with a gentle detergent and rinse clean. By continuing with this treatment, it will maintain elasticity and reduce wrinkles. 

Looking after swimwearYou can put it in the washing machine every once in a while, but remember to put it on a delicate cycle. As important as the washing process is, drying is just as important.

The worst thing you can do is leave your swimwear crumpled up and even worse is leaving it in a plastic bag!

Elastane models are quick drying and are best when air dried in the shade. Direct sunlight or contact with heat can make the fibres brittle.

Even when you are using your swimsuit at the local swimming pool, remember that the high water pressure affects the fibres and colour of it. 

If you have any garments that are in need of specialist cleaning, then leave it to us. Here at Opium Dry Cleaners we know exactly what we are doing and how best to take care of any cleaning requirements. 

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