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What Are The Benefits Of Dry Cleaners

Most people assume you get clothes dry cleaned because it can be quicker. But it’s also because some delicate clothes are made out of natural fibers, such as wool and silk. These natural fibers have the potential to shrink and lose colour if washed in water. Through dry cleaning, these materials will have no after-effects as the solvents that are used are not harmful or damaging. 

What Causes Clothes To Decolour?

There can be various reasons that cause clothes to discolour. Most of the reasons clothes discolour are due to the fact they have exposure to household items such as perfume and cleaning chemicals. It is important to clean your clothes soon after wearing them otherwise the chemicals left on them will cause discolouration. 

Are There Any Issues In Dry Cleaning Matching Items?

When dry cleaning suits, it is important to make sure you dry clean them together. This will reduce the chance of colour variation. It is important to also check to see if the items have different washing instructions. 

What Is Dry Cleaning?

It is the process of cleaning clothes and fabrics through using a solvent that eliminates dirt and stains without damaging the materials. Dry cleaning is used for clothes that might shrink in hot water and for fabrics such as silk and wool. It is particularly effective for cleaning suits and jackets as it will help the clothes last longer and protect the colour.

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