When it comes to laundry, we really have seen it all. From stains to spills and everything in between! Due to being experts in the field of dry cleaning, we have compiled some of the best industry tips.

Do I Really Need To Pay Attention To The Labels?

It is very common for people to ignore washing instructions and put all of their garments in the same wash settings. But when you stop and think, would you really want to wash your gym socks the same way you wash your silk shirt? No, we didn’t think so. 

When washing your clothes, make sure you separate them by colour and washing instruction. Just by reading the label and ensuring you are following the suggested wash setting will actually make your clothes last a lot longer.

Handwashing – Do I Really Have To Wash My Clothes In The Sink?

Thankfully, when a label mentions handwashing it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wash your clothes in the kitchen sink. If you have a newer washing machine then the equivalent of a hand wash would be selecting the slowest cycle as possible, allowing your clothes to rest and dry every few minutes. If your machine does not have a setting like this then the kitchen sink it the safest option for you! 

Pets – How Often Should I Wash My Sheets?

Everyone with pets will know, our little furry friends love to be involved in everything including getting tucked up in bed! If you do let your pets on your bed then you should wash your sheets and duvet twice as often as you would wash them without pets. So we are talking once a week, as your pets’ fur can actually affect the air quality, which is not ideal to breathe in when asleep.

At Opium Dry Cleaners we understand that keeping up with the washing can be a mammoth task. That is why we offer our services, we can collect and deliver your washing right to your doorstep freeing up some of your precious time! To make an order or for more information on our service call us now on 02038 929 560 or email info@opiumdrycleaners.com.