By 2020, it is estimated that a spike of $180 million growth-rate will honour the global dry cleaning industry, resulting from rapid urbanisation, rise of the so-called single-person households, growth in the health-care sector, and a robust economic growth in emerging markets.
Dry cleaning services are driven by social trends. For example, growth in the hospitality sector, care industry and increasingly busy lifestyles impact dry cleaning services positively. Additionally, larger commercial entities such as hospitals, sports teams, care homes, hotels and the likes opt for effective and swift dry cleaning services from professionals.
According to forecasts, the linen and uniform supply segment, along with the online dry-cleaning and laundry services, are going to be the fastest-growing by 2022. It is interesting to note here that, Asia-Pacific is the largest market for dry cleaning, accounting for 34.9% of the global market in 2018. 
Also, and on a global scale, the linen/uniform segment is the one where top opportunities will arise. And, investing in digital technologies such as mobile apps to offer on-demand laundry services will be an opportunity to carefully look upon and invest in.
Source: Dry-Cleaning and Laundry Services Global Market Opportunities and Strategies To 2022.
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